Course Session Plan

This is a blinded course which you need to attend 8 self-paced unites, watching 23 videos in 37 lessons, passing 7 assignments, for total duration of 5 hours. And then attend 4 online training sessions which will give you the advanced techniques on how to use Captivate to create VR project, and 360 Video, create responsive project, etc. with duration of 2.5 hours per session that gives total duration of 10 hours, it makes the grand total hours is 15 hours, our live four sessions are divided as following:

  • Session 1: Virtual reality projects and 360-degree slides: With Adobe Captivate 2019 you can now add 360 degree media assets to your projects and create courses that can be consume on virtual reality devices.

  • Session 2: interactive video - This brand new feature in Captivate 2019 will allow you to convert and MP4 video, a video demo, or a YouTube video to an interactive video by adding overlay slides.

  • Session 3: Custom interactions (both simple and complex) such as Click-to-reveal interaction, Click to play video/audio, click to replace, drag and drop, buttons, forced navigations, drag to change state)

  • Session 4: Enabling accessibility: - Adobe Captivate allows you to make your courses accessible with the help of some simple settings and adding accessibility text.

Bonus Gifts

When you subscribe to this course you will get 3 gifts:

  • Free Templates

    You will get free : (2 Adobe captivate templates /40 slide per each ; total 80 slides) include advanced actions tricks, ready to use for faster and better eLearning development turnaround time and excellent look & feel (1 template original cost is 50 US Dollars, you will get 2 of it for free!)

  • Free Storyline 360 Training

    To make sure that you’re equipped with the latest tools to create cutting edge eLearning courses, you will get free access to storyline 360 training course - available on our website for 105$ - which will make your total training hours number maximized to be 30 training hours, divided to 10 hours as self-paced, and 20 hours as virtual training for both (Captivate & Storyline)

  • Assets library Access

    Since you will need access to assets library, and it almost paid everywhere, costs you 200$ per year to access it. We are giving you the chance to have full access to our library for 3 months from your purchase date, and guess what! you will pay nothing!

Start Building Impressive Elearning

Prove yourself in today's market and show how you can build creative eLearning content

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction and Course Overview

    • What You Need to Know?

    • Prove Yourself

    • Create eye-catching elearning courses

  • 2

    Get Started

    • What is Captivate 2019?

    • Elearning Basics

    • Excersise Files

    • Open, preview, and close a project

    • Chapter Quiz

  • 3

    Open, Preview, and Close A Project

    • Open Recent Projects

    • Tour

    • Chapter Quiz

  • 4

    Bulid A Project

    • Create A Project from PowerPoint

    • Add Fluid box - Lableing

    • Add Fluid box - Themes

    • Add Image

    • Adjust Images

    • Preview Your Project

    • Master Slide

    • Chapter Quiz

  • 5

    Use Assets and Interactions

    • Add Animation

    • Add Assets

    • Chapter Quiz

  • 6

    Work with Media

    • Add Audio

    • Add Video

    • Add Voice over

    • Chapter quiz

  • 7

    Assess ELearning

    • Quiz Made Easy

    • Quiz Prefrences

    • Chapter Quiz

  • 8

    Get Ready to Publish

    • Publish

    • Report to an LMS

    • Chapter quiz

  • 9

    Online Training (Zoom)

    • Session 1

    • First Session Exercise files

    • Templates

    • Assignment 1

    • Session 2

    • Template 2

    • Assignment 2

    • Drag & Drop and VR

    • Assignment 3

    • Assignment 4

    • Session Final

  • 10

    Graduation Project

    • Final Project

Hurry Up!

Course is starting February, 27, 2021 This course willl start after

  • 00Days
  • 00Hours
  • 00Minutes
  • 00Seconds

Learning Objectives (Self-Paced) 5 Hours Duration

By the end of this -Self-Paced - 5 Hours training learners will be able to:

  • Explore how to build, preview, and close projects

  • Create responsive projects.

  • Use Fluid Boxes to make your work more flexible.

  • Edit master slides.

  • Select the best file format for your project.

  • Explore other eLearning platforms, including SCORMs.

Learning Objectives (Online) - 10 Hours Duration

By the end of this -online - 10 Hours advanced training learners will be able to:

  • Adding interactive videos

  • Creating a virtual reality (VR) project

  • Adding 360-degree slides to normal projects

  • Adding hotspots and questions

  • Building simple and complex interactions

  • Adding accessibility text

Program Schedule

All sessions start at 9:00 PM UAE Time, for 2.5 Hours, Every Tuesday & Saturday

  • Self Paced Session

    learner should complete all self-paced learning before joining the online sessions, as self-paced sessions are providing the basic knowledge, that we can build on it in our online training.

  • First Session (on Zoom)

    Saturday, February 27 - 9:00PM - 11:30 PM.

  • Second Session (on Zoom)

    Tuesday, March 02 - 9:00PM - 11:30 PM.

  • Third Session (on Zoom)

    Saturday, March 06 - 9:00PM - 11:30 PM.

  • Fourth Session (on Zoom)

    Tuesday, March 09 - 9:00PM - 11:30 PM.

  • Fifth Session (on Zoom)

    Saturday, March 13 - 9:00PM - 11:30 PM.

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12 Particpants per batch


  • What is the level of this course?

    This course takes you from basic to advanced level, as it requires no previous knowledge of Captivate, during the self-paced unites you will get the basic knowledge, and in online training, you will get the advanced tricks.

  • What is the course language?

    Mainly it’s Bilingual, as discussion and training delivery will be in Arabic, yet there will be many English terminologies

  • Is it TTT - Train The Trainer- Program?

    If you mean by TTT to teach you how to train, then answer is No, but if you mean by TTT that – Trainers – will be trained on how to use Adobe Captivate to create eLearning programs, then the answer is yes!

  • Are there any other dates and timings?

    Yes! Just send us your details with the suitable time and date and we will entertain your request!

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